While all of my artwork may be seen under the umbrella of my name, I thought it productive to partition off my American/Vietnam War project. Presented here is but the beginning of a five to ten year trajectory. Research is the project’s horizon and eventual forms will include: print, sculpture, text, lecture and film.

Each moment in each of these prints is a history condensed and for each a history could be written (and many have.) How art can address a history or a trauma or an inherited history of a trauma is itself a subject. The complexity of the America/Vietnam war makes simplification disproportionately difficult and conceptually dangerous.

No, because what is commonly assumed to be past history is actually as much a part of the living present as William Faulkner insisted. Furtive, implacable and tricky, it inspirits both the observer and the scene observed, artifacts, manners and atmosphere and it speaks even when no one wills to listen. And so, as I listen, things once obscure began falling into place. Odd things, unexpected things… Perhaps it was also to remind me that war could, with art, be transformed into something deeper and more meaningful than its surface violence… Ralph Ellison, 1981